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Increasingly complex technologies and products impose ever increasing demands upon the sales staff - whether in manufacturing, in distribution or in system houses. And marketing is not always familiar with the very specific requirements and needs of target group "Sales".

As communication experts in the conflicting areas of IT technology, IT deployment and IT sales, we understand how IT works. We know the requirements of the customer target groups just as well as the sales' needs. In projects for our clients, we act as an interpreter, translator and mediator between marketing and sales - for manufacturers’ in-house communication as well as for their business partners.

Let's have a brief look at your company. You are a

Which sales channels do you use?

Which technologies and services do you provide?

To whom would you like to explain your products and services?

Depending on the audience a sales department is addressing, different information is required. A system house partner, for example,  would also like to know whether his technician has to obtain vendor certifications or how much money he can earn. For sales staff talking to commercial end customers, however, such information tends to be of little interest.

Let's talk about finding solutions for your needs.

"Talking to each other has never done any harm." This is the motto we work by. We are curious and want to get to know you, your company, and your tasks. Our job is "people business", so trust is very important for us. We believe that a positive answer to the question: "Are we a suitable match?" is an essential prerequisite for successful cooperation. After all, we don't want to waste any time - neither yours nor ours.

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